Dedicated Patent Attorney in San Jose

Patent law is a broad area of law that covers intellectual property rights, the patenting of an invention, and the enforcement of a patent should it be infringed upon. Christopher Peil, an attorney practicing patent law in San Jose, offering a variety of legal services related to intellectual property and patent law.

When might you need a patent law attorney? In San Jose, a hub of technology and innovation, many of our clients seek assistance patenting new technologies. While it is certainly possible for startups and large companies to pursue a patent on their own, the process is time-consuming and complex. Working with an experienced patent lawyer helps to ensure that your invention is properly patented and enforceable under current patent law.

patent strategy

In addition to pursuing patents, working with a patent lawyer in San Jose becomes necessary when you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated.

Chris Peil takes patent law even further by helping our clients develop comprehensive IP strategies. Not only is he an expert in patent law and technology, he works closely with each client to align their IP strategy with their business goals. As a result, our clients have a clear roadmap that supports their vision for the future.

Patent Attorney Services in San Jose

Chris Peil helps local startups, entrepreneurs, and business clients with all aspects of securing and enforcing their intellectual property rights including:

  • Patent applications
  • Intellectual property strategies
  • IP asset acquisitions
  • Patent infringement
  • Trademarks, copyright, and trade secrets

Christopher Peil has over 14 years of patent law experience helping technology companies in the San Jose area obtain patents and secure their IP rights.

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